What Causes Facial Veins?

Spider veins or broken capillaries can appear in many places on your body, including your nose, cheeks, and chin. While these tiny colored lines are harmless and typically painless, they can be embarrassing, leaving you wondering where they have come from and what you can do to resolve them. A Brief Guide to Facial Veins… Read More »

5 Things to Know About Ulthera®

Youthful skin has an abundant supply of collagen and elastin – essential proteins that provide support and keep the skin supple and resilient. However, collagen and elastin production declines with age, making your skin thinner and allowing wrinkles and sagging to form.   In the past, surgeries such as facelifts, neck lifts, and brow lifts… Read More »

What Is PRP Therapy?

Though the concept of regenerative medicine once existed only in science fiction, it has now become a practical reality benefiting many patients. Dermatology and cosmetic medicine are leading the charge toward this emerging technique, which uses the body’s cells to stimulate and support healing. One such method, platelet-rich plasma therapy, has already delivered exciting results… Read More »

How You Can Reduce Wrinkles With IPL

While many things in life improve with age, your skin is unfortunately not one of them. Despite all your best efforts to take care of yourself with sensible steps like staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, using high-quality skin care products, and protecting yourself from damaging UV rays, the aging process is unavoidable. Heredity, lifestyle… Read More »

Why Ultherapy® Is One of the Best Skin Lifting and Tightening Treatments

Evolving technology has increased the range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures we can recommend to people who are searching for innovative ways to look younger and more refreshed. Ultherapy® – or Ulthera®, for short – lifts and tightens the skin using ultrasound energy. It has become the pinnacle of minimally invasive treatments available for people who… Read More »

How Often Should You Get Dysport® Treatments?

Neuromodulators like Dysport® and its close cousin Botox® are among the most sought-after products for people who want to reduce wrinkles such as crow’s feet, brow furrows, and glabellar lines. These in-office treatments are brief, relatively painless, and minimally invasive, with few risks and side effects. Dysport® also provides fast results, making it ideal for… Read More »