How You Can Reduce Wrinkles With IPL

While many things in life improve with age, your skin is unfortunately not one of them. Despite all your best efforts to take care of yourself with sensible steps like staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, using high-quality skin care products, and protecting yourself from damaging UV rays, the aging process is unavoidable. Heredity, lifestyle… Read More »

How Many IPL Treatments Do I Need to See Results?

Aging skin brings various cosmetic concerns that might make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Perhaps you spent too much time outside without sunscreen and now have troubling sun damage, age spots, discoloration, and broken capillaries on your face, neck, chest, and hands. At Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco, we offer an innovative technique… Read More »

Tips to Prepare for Your IPL Treatment

Intense pulsed laser treatments are one of the most convenient techniques for revitalizing your skin, minimizing sun damage, and turning back the clock on premature aging. What should you expect before and after this rejuvenating procedure? What Happens During an IPL Session? During an IPL photofacial, your provider uses pulses of laser energy to deeply… Read More »