Here’s Your Liposuction Prep Guide

Many people dream of getting liposuction to reshape and contour specific trouble spots on their bodies that do not respond well to diet and exercise. While you may have a specific vision of what you want to look like afterward, you may be less clear about the steps it will take to get there.


The things you do to prepare yourself for liposuction can significantly affect how quickly you bounce back from having surgery, as well as how long you will enjoy your results. Here are our top five tips for getting ready for your liposuction procedure.

1. Reach – and Maintain – Your Goal Weight

The first thing to remember about liposuction is that it’s not a shortcut to weight loss. That’s why we recommend getting at or near your ideal weight several months before your surgery. For safety’s sake, there are limits to how much fat your doctor can remove via liposuction, which is why this surgery is ideal for healthy people who would like to remove targeted fat from specific areas. If you have already committed to maintaining your liposuction results with a consistent fitness and nutrition plan, you can expect to enjoy your new contours longer.

2. Improve Your Muscle Tone

Many people work out faithfully for years, spending hours on toning exercises like crunches, lunges, and triceps dips. It can be frustrating when all these efforts don’t result in your desired muscle definition because a layer of stubborn fat is obscuring your hard work. Fortunately, liposuction will reveal the lean, slim, fit physique you’ve been striving for.


For best results, start focusing on building muscle several months before your procedure. In addition to helping you attain the look you want sooner after surgery, being strong and fit can also speed your recovery period.

3. Change Your Diet

You should always strive to make sensible dietary choices, especially when you are prepping for liposuction. An ideal pre-liposuction nutrition plan has two goals – to get you as healthy as possible while improving your skin’s elasticity. With that in mind, choose hydrating, antioxidant-rich foods like berries, cucumber, walnuts, squash, and salmon. If your go-to beverages are sugary sodas and energy drinks, switch to fruit-infused water instead.

4. Stop Smoking

If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your overall health and wellness. Smoking is particularly detrimental to the healing process after surgery because nicotine limits your blood circulation. Restricted blood flow can considerably slow down your healing process and increase your risk of developing dangerous complications like blood clots. To ensure a safe surgery and recovery, stop smoking as soon as you schedule your liposuction procedure.

5. Make Your Home Recovery-Ready

While liposuction is less invasive than many other surgeries, it still requires a few days of downtime and being gentle on your body. Your future self will thank you if you take some sensible steps to set your living area up for rest and recovery.


  • Do chores like laundry, cleaning, and meal prep ahead of time.
  • Arrange for someone to help you look after pets and young children.
  • Ensure essential items like your laptop and smartphone are within easy reach of your bed.
  • Stockpile entertainment like books, podcasts, movies, and TV shows.
  • Make sure you have plenty of clean, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

Enjoy Your San Francisco Liposuction Results Longer

A little bit of extra planning and forethought can give you the best chances of a smooth, complication-free liposuction recovery with a new contour you can be proud to flaunt. To learn more about how to have a successful liposuction surgery and healing period, reach out to us today to schedule your confidential consultation.