Does Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Work?

If you struggle with stubborn, exercise-resistant body fat, you may be an excellent candidate for a non-surgical treatment option called CoolSculpting. Read on to learn how this technology can help you achieve a toned, tightened physique without interrupting your active lifestyle.

What Is CoolSculpting?

No matter how disciplined you are about following a fitness and nutrition regimen, diet and exercise alone won’t address all your trouble zones. CoolSculpting is a safe, highly effective, and permanent way to remove pockets of stubborn body fat from common problem areas. This FDA-approved procedure uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells, which your body will naturally flush out.

Spot-toning is a fitness myth that helped sell thousands of products such as the Ab Roller and ThighMaster. Unlike these and other gimmicky gadgets that might be gathering dust in your basement, CoolSculpting relies on a scientific principle discovered by Harvard researchers. Here are five reasons why millions of people have chosen non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting.

1. CoolSculpting is Non-Invasive

Surgical techniques such as liposuction or gastric bypass require incisions, sutures, anesthesia, and significant post-operative recovery time. In contrast, CoolSculpting is a quick and easy non-surgical procedure that will not interfere with your regular daily routine.

2. The CoolSculpting Procedure Provides Natural-Looking Results

CoolSculpting does not use any artificial substances to help you achieve your tightening and toning goals. The results reveal themselves gradually, which is excellent for anyone who wants to take a more subtle approach to self-improvement. CoolSculpting also does not have any of the side effects associated with surgery, such as dimpling or scarring.

3. CoolSculpting Fits Into Any Lifestyle

Depending on how many areas you are having treated in one session, your appointment might be brief enough to schedule over your lunch break. There are no pre- or post-procedure activity restrictions, and many of our patients see their goal results after only a few CoolSculpting sessions.

4. CoolSculpting is More Tolerable Than Surgery

CoolSculpting creates minimal discomfort during or afterward. Your experienced provider will carefully apply the CoolSculpting equipment to your desired treatment area, allowing the freezing temperatures to permeate and kill the fat cells. During the procedure, you will experience suction and cooling sensations that eventually go numb, and many patients use the time to read, catch up on their emails, or even take a nap while they are having their CoolSculpting treatment.

5. CoolSculpting is an Ideal Complement to Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re close to your target weight but still have pockets of fat you can’t seem to get rid of, CoolSculpting is a perfect way for you to achieve better proportions and tone-specific zones of your body.

Want to Learn More? Explore CoolSculpting in San Francisco

If you’re ready to try non-surgical fat reduction, contact us at the Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of minimally invasive technologies like CoolSculpting for our patients in the Bay Area. Book your appointment before summer vacation season reaches full swing to book your CoolSculpting treatment and feel your best in anything you wear.