Where on My Body Can I Get Liposuction?

Fat removal with liposuction remains a sought-after body contouring procedure because it has a long track record of safety, efficacy, and excellent results. Despite this surgery’s popularity, you may still need help understanding what it can do for you.

What Is Liposuction?

Despite your best efforts to stay in good shape, you may still have concerns about fatty deposits that fail to respond even to diligent exercise. Genetics predispose many men to carry excess weight around their midsections, while women often struggle with unwanted fat deposits on their bellies, buttocks, hips, and thighs – especially after pregnancy. Liposuction is a reliable solution for targeting and eliminating these stubborn fat pockets.

When customizing your liposuction plan, we will take a hands-on, consultative approach to ensure natural-looking results. Liposuction involves making tiny incisions in inconspicuous locations, then breaking up the fat and suctioning it out through a thin tube called a cannula to create smoother, more proportional contours.

Realistically, the best way to think about liposuction is as an assist to your fitness and nutrition goals. The best candidates are in good overall health, already at or near their goal body weight, have sufficient skin elasticity, and want to spot-tone trouble zones such as their upper arms, thighs, hips, abdomen, back, chest, calves, ankles, chin, and neck.

How to Maintain Your Liposuction Results

If you are considering getting liposuction in San Francisco, you should also plan for how you will take good care of yourself afterward – including what steps you will take to prevent the fat from coming back.

If you gain weight after liposuction, you risk compromising your long-term results. That’s why you should burn more calories than you consume by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Fortunately, many of our patients are so thrilled to see the full effects of this procedure that it gives them a renewed push to pursue their toning and shaping goals with a plan that includes cardio, weightlifting, and healthy meal choices.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

At Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco, our team of board-certified dermatologists are happy to work with people who are otherwise healthy and fit and still need a little bit of extra help achieving their aesthetic ideals.

Liposuction can be a transformative experience for people who are willing to maintain their newly toned physique through consistent exercise and a sensible nutrition plan. Still, we understand that you may have questions about what this procedure can do for you and whether it is a good fit for your lifestyle and goals. That’s why we invite you to contact us to schedule an in-person, confidential consultation at our downtown San Francisco office.

After evaluating you and talking with you about what you hope liposuction can help you achieve, we will be able to give you realistic expectations and help you understand what you will need to do after your surgery to heal successfully and stay slim and fit for years to come.