Why Ultherapy® Is One of the Best Skin Lifting and Tightening Treatments

Evolving technology has increased the range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures we can recommend to people who are searching for innovative ways to look younger and more refreshed. Ultherapy® – or Ulthera®, for short – lifts and tightens the skin using ultrasound energy. It has become the pinnacle of minimally invasive treatments available for people who want to look younger without undergoing surgeries such as facelifts or brow lifts.

What Is Ulthera®?

Are you seeking a way to get effective anti-aging results from your forehead to your chest – without the need for surgery or injections? Ulthera® is the only non-invasive treatment that is FDA-approved to lift and tighten skin around the eyes and eyebrows, under the chin, and on the neck. Ulthera® is also the only non-invasive procedure specified by the FDA to improve the look of wrinkles on the decollétage area.

Ulthera®’s unique properties allow it to penetrate further than other non-invasive devices such as lasers. This technological breakthrough relies on ultrasound energy to stimulate the foundational layers of your skin to produce new collagen, resulting in noticeably lifted and tightened skin over a few months. With Ulthera®, you can say goodbye to issues like drooping eyebrows, jowls, and a turkey neck.

What Happens During an Ulthera® Treatment?

At Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco, a registered nurse will provide your Ulthera® treatment under the close supervision of one of our board-certified dermatologists. Our staff has completed extensive training in how to operate the Ulthera® device to provide you with maximal benefits.

Before beginning your Ultherapy® procedure, the nurse will thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a numbing cream to ensure your safety and comfort. She will then use a smooth handpiece to deliver focused ultrasound energy to your skin, targeting the structural tissues in the dermis where collagen resides.

During the procedure, which can last between 30 minutes to two hours, you may experience some minor discomfort and a warming sensation while the ultrasound energy starts to take effect. We ask that you take over-the-counter pain medication before your treatment to further mitigate discomfort.

What to Expect After Ulthera®

After your in-office treatment, you can go about your day as usual, with no activity restrictions. Minor redness, tenderness, tingling, sensitivity, and swelling are short-term side effects you may experience afterward, though these will soon resolve on their own. If necessary, you can use makeup to disguise any discoloration.

After Ulthera®, your body will begin its innate regenerative response to recondition the network of collagen fibers within the dermis. Your results will begin developing and progressing three to six months afterward, and this rejuvenation can last a year or more. While Ulthera® cannot provide the same dramatic enhancements as a facelift or neck lift, it is an ideal alternative solution for patients who do not want the pain or healing time associated with surgery.

Depending on your skin quality and your body’s ability to produce new collagen, you may wish to schedule periodic maintenance sessions with Ulthera® to help slow down your skin’s natural aging process. You can also prolong your results by avoiding sun exposure, not smoking, eating a balanced diet, and practicing healthy self-care techniques.

How to Learn More About Ulthera® in the Bay Area

Are you wondering if skin lifting and tightening with Ulthera® is right for you? Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with our experienced, patient-focused team. A thorough medical evaluation will help us determine whether you are a good candidate for Ulthera® or any of the other non-surgical procedures we offer.