Why Ultherapy® Is One of the Best Skin Lifting and Tightening Treatments

Evolving technology has increased the range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures we can recommend to people who are searching for innovative ways to look younger and more refreshed. Ultherapy® – or Ulthera®, for short – lifts and tightens the skin using ultrasound energy. It has become the pinnacle of minimally invasive treatments available for people who… Read More »

Benefits of Ultherapy®

Technological innovations are giving doctors and their patients more and more options for non-surgical anti-aging treatments. One such option is Ultherapy®, which uses ultrasound waves to lift and tighten skin around the eyes and eyebrows, under the chin, and on the neck and décolletage area. Let’s look at the reasons Ultherapy® is so beneficial for… Read More »

Ulthera® 101

Ulthera®, also called Ultherapy®, is a safe, non-surgical treatment that lifts and tightens the jowls, forehead, upper eyelid, chin, and neck using ultrasound technology. The Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco created this informative infographic on Ulthera®. This infographic contains statistics on the procedure such as who is receiving the treatment, the RealSelf.com Worth It rating,… Read More »