Benefits of Ultherapy®

Technological innovations are giving doctors and their patients more and more options for non-surgical anti-aging treatments. One such option is Ultherapy®, which uses ultrasound waves to lift and tighten skin around the eyes and eyebrows, under the chin, and on the neck and décolletage area. Let’s look at the reasons Ultherapy® is so beneficial for creating youthful-looking skin.

What Is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® has earned distinction as the only FDA-approved treatment for non-invasive lifting of skin. Doctors have performed more than a million Ultherapy® procedures worldwide.

Ultherapy® is so effective, because it is designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin with sound energy, causing minor damage to the collagen layers in the skin. In response, the body’s natural healing process goes into high gear, stimulating the production of new collagen and resulting in a gradual, yet noticeable, lifting and tightening of tissue.

Collagen is one of the building blocks of healthy tissue. It acts like the skin’s support network, but it weakens as we age, causing skin to sag. Ultherapy® not only improves your existing collagen, but it also causes your body to make brand-new collagen over the course of two to three months, which can help you look years younger.

The Top 5 Ways Ultherapy® Benefits Patients

Patients who choose Ultherapy® treatment can expect the following benefits.

1. Ultherapy® is non-invasive.

With Ultherapy®, you won’t have to worry about incisions, sutures, or general anesthesia. It is a safe, effective alternative to surgery. Immediately after you get your treatment, you can return to work and resume your regular routine, with no activity restrictions or aftercare instructions. This procedure has earned the nickname “lunchtime lift”, because it is so quick and minimally disruptive.

2. There are minimal side effects with Ultherapy®.

You can expect to feel a warming sensation during Ultherapy®, which is how you will know the ultrasound energy is taking effect. We will apply a numbing cream prior to your treatment to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Although you should expect minor redness, soreness, or swelling after your treatment, these effects are very short-term.

3. Ultherapy® helps turn back the clock.

A decline in collagen production leads to skin beginning to droop, which can make you look older than you really are. Ultherapy® can help you maintain a youthful, vibrant appearance longer by tightening loose skin and slowing the aging process.

4. Ultherapy® is highly customizable.

A skilled Ultherapy® practitioner can customize the treatment to meet your needs. It’s possible to adjust the ultrasound device to alter how deep the energy penetrates the skin. We can also alter how long the procedure takes. If you so choose, another customization option is to use Ultherapy® in combination with other types of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers or BOTOX® for even better results. When you come in for your consultation, ask our doctors about your options. We can devise the best treatment plan for you based on your goals.

5. Patients can achieve a natural-looking enhancement.

Ultherapy® causes tissue to tighten over time as new collagen grows. You’ll get all of the anti-aging results without the risks and healing time associated with surgery. In general, you can expect to see continued improvement in your skin over three to six months.

Is Ultherapy® Right for You?

As you now know, there are several key benefits of Ultherapy®. If you’re considering non-invasive procedures to turn back time without surgery, Ultherapy® should be at the top of your list. If you’re ready to restore your youthful glow with long-lasting results, book an appointment with our San Francisco clinic today to learn more about a customized approach to meet your needs.