Why January Is the Busiest Month of the Year for Cosmetic Treatments

1. They Are More Motivated to Look and Feel Their Best

Most Americans make New Year’s resolutions related to their appearance. Many of us share the common goal of wanting to look younger or slimmer, and surgeries like a hair transplant or liposuction can help jumpstart resolutions like losing weight, getting a new job, or finding a romantic partner. Non-surgical options like Ulthera®® and dermal fillers are also an excellent option for people who want to restore their vibrancy and vitality with zero downtime.

2. They Want to Treat Themselves After the Holidays

As joyous as the holiday season is, it can also be stressful. Many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to give the perfect gift or outdo other party hosts with our decorations and cooking. Juggling family and work responsibilities can be overwhelming toward the end of the year, too. Once you pack away your decorations and put the holidays behind you, cosmetic procedures are an excellent way to reward yourself for all your hard work.

3. They’re Ready to Hit the Restart Button

Would you like to meet the new year with a fresh face? Perhaps posing for all those holiday selfies and family video calls made you realize you’ve started developing a double chin. In that case, a series of injections with Kybella®® can permanently dissolve the unwanted pocket of fat under your chin and give you a slimmer, more defined jaw and neckline.

Or, maybe you need a little bit of extra help to shed the extra pounds you gained from indulging in your favorite holiday treats. We can help you banish the bulge with CoolSculpting®, a painless procedure that targets and eliminates pockets of fat in specific “trouble spots” like your belly, thighs, upper arms, and buttocks. When you pair this procedure with a nutritious, balanced diet and a consistent exercise regimen, you can achieve a slender, toned physique without the risks or recovery time associated with surgery and anesthesia. Because CoolSculpting relies on all-natural processes to achieve results, your body will gradually flush out the fat cells by itself, after which they’re gone for good.

New Year, New You

After all the chaos and unpredictability that characterized 2020, most of us are ready to put this year behind us and make a brand-new start in 2021. To schedule your consultation to discuss any of the cosmetic procedures we offer, please contact us at Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco. Our experienced, board-certified team of dermatologists take a team approach to addressing our patients’ concerns and upholding the culture of excellence our practice has committed to for more than a century.