Take Better Selfies, with Kybella®

In the age of selfies, you’ve probably been inundated with an endless number of tips for improving your picture game, dozens of posing guides, an endless collection of filters, and tons of apps claiming to be your selfie salvation. There a few basics everyone should rely on: minimize your flaws, and highlight your best attributes. But what if you’re dealing with one of the biggest selfie-stoppers in the game, the double chin? Don’t just settle for photo trickery for the rest of your life, try out the real thing: Kybella®, the ultimate solution for the double chin.

A New Angle

The dreaded double chin. It doesn’t just make you appear much older and overweight than you really are—it can also severely limit the kinds of acceptable photos you can take. With a double chin, you can say goodbye to lie-down selfies, low angle photos, and pretty much any photo that shows your neck. Selfie tricks like having to push your tongue to the roof of your mouth to make your neck look longer or always having to tilt your head backwards can be tiring and a little repetitive. Want to change it up? If you want to free yourself of constricting angles and poses, consider Kybella®, the very first injectable just for eliminating the double chin.

Kybella® – The True Selfie Savior

No amount of neck exercises or topical creams can remove a double chin; that’s because double chins are caused by excess fat under the chin in an area called the submental area. While you can go all out and opt for invasive surgery, not everyone wants to put themselves through surgery’s obligatory discomfort and long recovery.

Kybella® is a specially designed new injectable that, once injected into the submental area, eliminates the fat cells responsible for double chins. With a just few simple treatments of Kybella®, you can eliminate a double chin for good. After Kybella® burns up the submental fat, the fat stores can’t come back, so you can enjoy a permanently sleeker, younger, and more elegant profile.

It’s all about the jaw. Photographers, selfie moguls, and models have time and time again extolled the virtues of a sleek jawline when taking a photograph. For the unlucky few of us who have a double chin, it takes that much more effort to make our selfies look good. Fortunately, Kybella® opens new horizons of angles and poses for your new and improved selfies. Want your Kybella® treatment done with precision and artistry? Contact the Dermatology Medical Group now, to schedule a consultation for Kybella®.