How Many Areas Can One Liposuction Surgery Treat?

Nothing is more frustrating than putting in long hours at the gym and diligently adhering to a nutritious diet, only to realize you still aren’t getting your desired results. Unfortunately, some pockets of fat stubbornly resist diet and exercise, no matter how hard you work to make them disappear. In many cases, unwanted bulges in areas like your abdomen, hips, and thighs are a legacy of your genetic heritage.

However, don’t despair. Liposuction remains one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures in America year after year because of its ability to shape, contour, and define problem areas from head to toe. Learn more about what liposuction can do for you in this blog post.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical solution for healthy adults who struggle with their self-esteem due to unwelcome, diet- and exercise-resistant problem areas. If you are at or near your target weight and have sufficient skin elasticity and muscle tone, you may be an excellent candidate for this procedure.

In performing liposuction, a provider will make tiny, inconspicuous incisions in the treatment area, break up the fat, and use a thin tube called a cannula to suction it out. Liposuction incisions heal well and do not require stitches, but you may go home with small surgical drains to remove excess blood and fluids. You might also need to wear a compression garment to support your new contours as they heal.


Why Have Liposuction on More Than One Area?

While there is no set limit to how many areas we can treat in one liposuction session, most sessions tend to include a maximum of three to four areas. However, to minimize complications and ensure the utmost patient safety, there are some limitations on the amount of fat we can remove in a single session. If you wish to remove more than five liters of body fat via liposuction, the safest approach is to schedule several separate procedures, spaced three to four weeks apart.

Usually, when working with patients who wish to target multiple trouble spots with liposuction, we recommend staying within the same region of your body. For example, if you have undesirable fat deposits on your hips, thighs, and buttocks, we can treat those in one procedure. Since we recognize every patient comes to us with different goals and concerns, we will tailor a liposuction treatment plan specifically for you.

Change Your Life With Liposuction in San Francisco

After undergoing liposuction surgery, you might not see much difference in the number when you step on the scale. Still, you will notice a remarkable reduction in annoying fat bulges and enjoy improved self-esteem when flaunting your new shape in your favorite outfits. Finally saying goodbye to stubborn pockets of body fat could also renew your motivation to maintain your contours with a consistent, long-term diet and workout regimen.

If you’re considering liposuction to remove stubborn fat from multiple areas, start by scheduling a consultation to meet with the Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco’s experienced dermatology team. We’d love to meet with you, learn about your needs, and start you on your journey toward loving your appearance. Contact us today!