Does Freezing Fat Away Sound Too Good to Be True? 5 Ways to Know If CoolSculpting Is Right for You

Since becoming commercially available in 2005, CoolSculpting has emerged as a safe, effective, and FDA-cleared alternative to body-contouring surgeries. Unlike with liposuction, there are no stitches, scarring, anesthesia risks, or healing time involved, and the procedure entails minimal discomfort and side effects.


Instead of undergoing complex or painful surgery, sit back, relax, and catch up on your favorite TV show while we apply the specially designed CoolSculpting equipment to the treatment area. The process behind CoolSculpting’s technology, technically known as cryolipolysis, freezes and kills fat cells, which the body then sheds naturally over the next few months. Is CoolSculpting right for you? Here are five signs pointing to yes.


1. You Have Diet- and Exercise-Resistant Fat

No matter how diligently you stick to a diet plan or how many crunches and triceps dips you do, you won’t be able to spot-tone specific problem areas on your body through diet and exercise alone. In contrast, CoolSculpting allows us to target and eliminate frustrating fat deposits like your “muffin top” or “bat wings” easily and permanently.


2. You Have a Busy Lifestyle

Life can be hectic sometimes. If you’re juggling multiple responsibilities in your personal and professional life, you might not have time to set aside for a post-surgical healing process. CoolSculpting can easily fit into even the most hectic schedule. There are no post-procedure activity restrictions, and you can return to work after your brief in-office treatment if you so choose.


3. You’re Struggling to Find Motivation to Work Out

If you’ve been working out regularly, but have hit a plateau with your results, it can make your motivation stall. Your newly improved post-CoolSculpting contours could provide the push you need to re-commit to a fitness regimen. Once you finally say goodbye to those trouble zones that were holding you back, you’ll feel newly energized to maintain your shape with an exercise program that keeps you active.


4. You Prefer to Keep Your Results Discreet

Perhaps you’ve been exploring your options for cosmetic procedures, but are reluctant to commit because you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve had “work done.” In that case, CoolSculpting could be your ideal solution. Because your body will not eliminate the frozen fat cells all at once, your results will appear gradually, finally allowing you to achieve the toned silhouette you’ve been chasing for years without anyone suspecting how you got there.


5.  You’re Already Close to Your Target Weight

The best candidates for CoolSculpting are already at or near their ideal weight and are looking to address stubborn areas of body fat once and for all. As opposed to procedures like gastric bypass surgery, which helps obese people shed a dramatic amount of weight, CoolSculpting aims to help you achieve better proportions and tone specific trouble zones on your body.


Say Goodbye to Stubborn Body Fat With CoolSculpting in San Francisco

If you think you meet the criteria for freezing your fat away with CoolSculpting and are ready to learn more, contact us or call 415.362.2238 to schedule a consultation. The board-certified dermatologists at Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco Inc. are proud to offer many in-demand non-surgical solutions to help you meet all your aesthetic goals.