How to Pamper Your Skin After Facial Vein Removal

After facial vein removal, you will finally have the smooth, even complexion you want. How can you maintain those results and enjoy your appearance for the long term? Knowing how to care for your new look can keep spider veins from resurfacing and adversely affecting your self-esteem. Here are Dr. Matarasso’s top tips for pampering… Read More »

How to Stop Spider Veins From Resurfacing

Anyone of any age can develop spider veins – web-like blood vessels (capillaries) that appear just beneath the surface of the skin. However, some people may have a higher chance of getting them than others. Common causes of facial spider veins include genes, sun damage, weather changes, pregnancy, environmental pollution, alcohol use, and rosacea. Broken… Read More »

5 Current Skincare Trends You Should Avoid

From bubble face masks to at-home facials, it seems there are new skincare trends popping up wherever you look. However, following some of these trends can do more harm than good. Not all products are safe to use on every type of skin, for example. You might be following a damaging skincare routine without realizing… Read More »

Skin Cancer Signs You Should Be Aware Of

 Did you know skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the U.S.? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there are 3.3 million people treated for skin cancer annually. Skin cancer is also one of the most straightforward kinds of cancer to cure, provided people who have it are fortunate enough to receive… Read More »